The Tropicana

3810 Las Vegas Boulevard South ,
At E Tropicana Ave,
Las Vegas
NV 89190
(739 2222)

Location The "Trop" is located on the South Strip suprisngly enough at the junction with Tropicana Avenue, this junction is the buisest in Las Vegas and indeed the whole of the United States. Also at this junction is New York New York, MGM Grand and Excalibur so you can see it is really happening here. There are foot bridges to MGM and NYNY which is the only way to cross the road do not even think about running for it across the Strip here of all places. Being at the far south end of the Strip transfers from the airport are very quick.  
Theme The Tropicana has the theme of a South Sea Island this theme is eminent around the fantanastic pool but is not noticable in the casino but raises its head again in the bedroom.  
Attractions There is a small ammusment arcade by the entrance to the swimming pool. The Tropicana also houses the "Casino Ledgends Hall of Fame" this is brilliant it shows lots of chips form past casinos many of which have since been imploded. It shows videos of Vegas history including implosions, mafia connections and trials and famous showmen. There is also apprently a widlife walk well we never saw it so it must be small.  
Shopping There is a news agent come gift store, a liquor store and a man who makes cigars. This ain't a shoppers paradise there is however a pretty well stocked 24 hour petrol station over the road if shopoholics need a midnight fix.  
Dining With the exeception of one breakfast did not eat here. The breakfast we had consitsed of a couple of latte's e which was not bad and a doughnut the quality of the coffee was however supassed buy the 20 minutes I had to queue to get it. There is no food court as such, we saw long queues each time we walked to the casino for what looked like a very small buffett (B:$10.99, L:$11.99, D:$15.50 ad Champagne Sunday Brunch $16.25).  
Gaming Cramped, noisy and smokey are the words best used to describe this casino to be fair though there are a great variety of machines and hundres of nickle ones for cheapskates and low rollers like me. There are about a 45 or so cramped tables with $5 seeming to be the minimum limits. The roof above the tables is glass looks old and is probably the most attractive feature of this casino. I had a craps lesson here that was both fun and informative, I must add that I did not nor feel that I was expected to bet even $1 of my money on their craps tables after my lesson and indeed I did not. Even if you don't anywhere else join the slot club here, you get all sorts of lovely freebies that if nothng else will make great presents to take home. I have never played enough here to get any rewards but still join every time I am in Vegas to get the freebies. They also have some deal where you pay $20 and get $40 worth of play on "special" machines if you don't win a jackpot they give you a "valuable" gift steer clear the machines are not as loose as normal machines and the gift is not worth $20.  
Drinks Service Depends on the time of day there seemed to be a real shortage of cocktail waitresses in the day and early evening but after midnight they seem to be serving you non stop.  
Best Thing Good location and good value  
Worst Thing Casino a bit stuffy amd claustrophobic  
Overall A good value older resort with a great location and colurful history though certain communal parts and bedrooms would benefit from refurbishment.  
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