3131 Las Vegas Blvd Sth Las Vegas Nevada 89109


Centre North Strip, Opposite the fashion show Mall


Theme Luxury, I guess you could say European luxury, or that is what Mr Wynn would like you to say everything is there to show opulence and to look expensive, now expense spared. If money is not the object then the objects here all cost a stack of money. .  
Attractions The showpiece is the “ Lake of Dreams ” a 3 acre lake which contains loads of lights to make a full multimedia show. There is a 170ft Mountain and 5 waterfalls, the show uses the water falls as screens, there are loads of bushes and flowers around them. As with Bellagio there is a Conservatory but smaller but really nice, no rollercoaster’s here instead you have Wynn’s gallery which hits the mark for the more refined and concerning people who are the targets of his marketers.  
Shopping Top end shops here you Cartier, Dior,Chanel you get the drift, I am guessing it would be pretty hard to buy a water pistol here J There is also a Ferrari and Macerate showroom they charge you an entrance fee for this ! I can only assume that this is refunded if you make a purchase. .  

You would have thought that with a resort this up market that the buffet would not have featured but you would have been wrong and it is rather modestly called The Buffet (B$17.95, L£21.95 D Sun-Thur $33.95 Fri & Sat $37.95 and Weekend Brunch $28.95 and an extra $6 for Champagne to be included. I have not eaten here but despite the price the people I have spoken to who have think its excellent value. As you would expect there is a selection of other restaurants at Wynn mainly with a European flavour don’t expect a cheap meal but that does not mean that you can’t expect value. If you eat at the SW make sure you get a table outside and ask to have one with a good view of the show.

Gaming It’s big and surprisingly there are a load of slots with good pay out. There are stacks of tables and the norm minimum is $20 on BJ and other card games but most tables particularly at weekends are much higher. Craps sometimes starts as low as $10 ! don’t bother asking to get rated if you are playing less than $25 per hand it’s not worth it. If you were told you were in the Bellagio you would probably believe it .  
Drinks Service If you are at the tables its good very good if you are playing at the entry level slots you are not going to wake up with a hangover.  
Best Thing The lake of dreams show its stunning.  
Worst Thing Feeling under dressed an poor.  
Overall This place oozes luxury, it’s a nice treat but unless y ou have loads of money (and we don’t) you cant get the most out of it, that said however short lived you do feel like a star whilst you are there. .

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